Oracle 11g Migration to a New Server

Migration Plan Old Oracle server, A: (RHEL 6 x86_64) New Oracle server, B: (RHEL 7 x86_64 with better hardware, disk subsystem and processor) Database name/Oracle SID: dbmas The migration plan is basically to copy the database from A to the new server B and take over the old IP address from A. Using […]

Solving MongoDB Upgrade Error: “trap invalid opcode ip”

Introduction While working with one of our clients, we were facing an issue during the upgrade process from MongoDB 4.4 to MongoDB 5.0. After installing the new MongoDB 5.0 packages, we found out the MongoDB services couldn’t be started at all and were generating trap exceptions in dmesg. This simply means the MongoDB binary was unable […]

MariaDB MaxScale Offline Installation for CentOS 8

For offline installation, a number of things have to be configured in the first place: SELinux is disabled, or set permissive mode. A mysql client is optional but recommended to test out the client connectivity from MaxScale server. This requires local repository to be configured correctly. In this example, we are going to deploy our […]